Parking to Rafina’s Port Rates

View prices depending on your vehicle and choose the exterior or interior parking lot.

Airtravelparking is located at Markopoulou AV. 24km  . Get Directions with Google Maps.

For your convenience please inform us 10 hours in advance for Rafina Port Reservations.

Passenger Cars


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Valet Parking

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Parking Rafina

Parking for Rafina’s Port

Complete care and protection for your car for those who travel from Rafina’s port. Airtravelparking ensures that your car is completely safe while you are travelling. Our parking is the safest in the area and it is very close to Rafina’s port. If you want your car to be in an indoor space you can choose the option for the indoor parking so you can gain protection from various weather conditions, such as sun, hail and rain. For those customers who choose the open area parking, they do not have to worry about anything, because their car will remain strictly within our enclosed parking area.

Πάρκινγκ Ραφήνα Τιμές

Free Valet Parking for people with disabilities


Rafina Parking Rates

All of the quoted prices are final and include VAT

10% discount for:

  • Students
  • Pensioners
  • Unemployed

Special Parking prices for long term Periods. Parking offers with discounts can be provided to civilians, companies and professionals:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semesters
  • Yearly
Κλειστό Πάρκινγκ Ραφήνα

⇒ Free transport services to and from Rafina’s port

⇒ Free luggage transport services to and from Rafina’s port

⇒ Free transport services for pets to and from Rafina’s port

Free exterior car wash service (basic) from day 4 of the car remaining in the parking area of the AirTravelParking*

*The following periods are excluded:

  • Easter (Holy Week)

  • August (from  10th  to 20th  August)

  • Christmas (from 20th December to 2nd January)